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Localité: Saurimo
Prix: Kz11 Négociable

Automatic and Semi-Automatic Machines for the manufacture of concrete bricks and briquettes (Concrete blocks, Pavers, Hourdis, Curbs, Central concrete, Gutters, Hollow blocks, etc.).

 Machines of high perfomance, usable over very long years and 7/24 because of the 100% resistant steel content and suitable for any vibration and working environment.

Complete your factory project with AGB Block Machine ( ), you won’t believe it.

Contact AGB Machine Customer Service ( ) on +905616138016 (WhatsApp) and regardless of your country, on our invitation, visit our factories in Trabzon, Black Sea Region in Turkey.

>>> Some useful information (customizable according to your needs):


– Mono or Double Mortar Hopper machines

- Production capacity: very high and customizable

          > Minimum production: 115-125 pallets/hour

          > Minimum production: 3000 or 20,000 bricks/day (8 hours)

         > Minimum 300 to 800 m2 of pavers/day (8h)

- Maximum production: Your convenience (bricks/days (8h))

- Compression time: 17-22 seconds

- Bricks and briquettes of all sizes

- Performance: Operational 7/24

– Certified and competitive equipment

– Export from Turkiye (Port of Trabzon)

- Customizing machines to your needs

– Training and Coaching

– Supply of spare parts

- Multiple models of molds and pallets

- Request a QUOTE for your machine

- Installing your machine at our expense (Confidence Bonus)

- And more.

Contact AGB Machine ( in multiple languages.